Self Driven Sweepers

Cleango 500

The Cleango 500 offers the holding capacity of a large mounted sweeper with an approx. 4 m³ hopper and combines this advantage with the flexibility of a compact sweeper. The high-performance vehicle is used for cleaning roads in towns and industrial areas. The towed disc brush system takes up little space underneath the cabin and is attached in front of the front axle. The vehicle is available with a hydraulic setting of the brush angle as well as a separate setting of the disc brush ground pressure as an option.

eSwingo 200+ Electric

A great feel for sweeping – proven technology that is simpler and cleaner than ever before Not only does the eSwingo 200+ clean up perfectly, but it is also clean itself. The compact sweeper operates entirely on electric power without generating any emissions, making it not just one of the cleanest compact sweepers available on the market but also one of the most cost-competitive. Over its life cycle, the costs of the eSwingo 200+ are on par with those of the diesel version, thanks to lower energy and maintenance costs and a longer amortisation period. So, not only does the eSwingo 200+ benefit the environment, it also benefits the bottom line.

Swingo 200+

The Swingo 200+ is an efficient, flexible and convenient compact sweeper for public areas and the city centre. With this machine, many streets, paths and squares can be swept, the lowerable undercarriage also enables sweeping in multi-storey car parks and underground car parks. The sweeping brooms attached to the front have an automatically regulated broom ground pressure control, resulting in maximum manoeuvrability in any sweeping situation.