High-performance marking removal for maximum protection of the road surface, with no capping. With traffic-lines twister, the patented high-pres- sure water blasting system with innovative suction technology for efficient and resource-saving removal of road markings. Only with water or biodegradable marking removal additives.

General Details

Removal of road markings using hydro-blasting
Conventional techniques to remove road markings often do not produce the desired results and cause substantial damage to the road surface. traffic-lines twister represents an alternative that is ideally suited to removing road markings. The traffic-lines twister attacks the relevant area with a high-pressure water jet. The environmentally friendly device uses nothing but water. The traffic-lines twister immediately sucks the used water back up together with the removed material using a highly efficient suction action which means that there is no water residue left on the cleaned-up road surface.

The most important benefits of using the traffic-lines twister to remove road markings:

  • Efficient, accurate, adjustable and therefore particularly gentle removal of markings
  • Unbeatable price/performance ratio by combining mass-produced components with modular design
  • Outstanding performance combined with maximum gentleness on surfaces
  • Higher marking removal efficiency without siltation due to an innovative suction hood
  • Better adhesion of newly applied markings, which increases durability

The innovative suction technology of the traffic-lines twister
There is no accumulation of water inside the suction hood of the traffic-lines twister, a unique feature in the market. This enables a very noticeable increase in performance compared to conventional hydro-blasting with the same pump performance. Another advantage: after removing the markings, the traffic-lines twister leaves the road surface dry while producing significantly less siltation.